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Portable Boom Gates - Solar Powered

Available for Hire or Purchase

Portable Boom Gate Portable Boom Gate (449 KB)

The portable solar powered boom gate from Access Technologies permits up to 400 operations per 24-hour period allowing controlled access to temporary and remote sites. Wireless remote control ensures convenience of operation from up to 50-metres away from the gate location. The unit is battery-backed to ensure continuous operation - even on cloudy days. The portable boom gate can be conveniently transported to site by one-tonne vehicle or in a standard box trailer. The unit can be fork-lifted into position from any of the 4 sides. Once in position, set-up is fast and convenient using the adjustable jacking legs provided.

purchase or rental options available

Product Features:

  •  Easy    installation - 10 minute set-up. 
  •  Can be fork-lifted from any side. 
  •  Adjustable  legs  allow  levelling  on-site. 
  •  Integrated spirit level for ease of set-up. 
  •  Fits in a box trailer or one-tonner. 
  •  Solar  power  permits  use  in  remote locations. 
  •  Mains  power supply available   if   required. 
  •  Remote control operation. 
  •  Available  for  hire  or  outright  purchase.

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