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Bollards for Protecting Valuable Plant and Equipment

Asset Protection Bollards Asset Protection Bollards (537 KB)

Fixed plant such as refrigerators, freezers, display cases, and medical equipment represent a significant investment for your business. The cost of a bollard is significantly cheaper than repairing damaged or broken equipment, making our asset protection bollards a sound investment in ensuing long life from your costly plant and equipment.  We suggest you let our bollards take a hammering rather than your wallet!

These bollards can also be used to protect glass windows and doors from trolley impact in shopping malls and retail outlets.  They can also be used as corner protectors for reception desks, and for delineating customer areas from vehicular areas in applications where the appearance of the bollard reflects on your business image (such as in new car dealerships).

asset protection bollards

The Asset Protection Bollard from Access Technologies is an attractive polished stainless steel design.  The unit comes as standard with a textured black plastic cap - with a stainless steel cap optionally available where an 'all stainless steel' finish is required for either aesthetic or infection control reasons.  

corner protection bollards in supermarket

Bollard Construction Details and Specifications

This bollard is specifically designed for easy installation, and more importantly, easy replacement in the event of being damaged.  A single M20 hold down bolt provides adequate strength for impact resistance against trolleys, work carts,  floor cleaners, and pallet trucks

In the event of damage to the bollard, the post is simply removed by loosening the M20 nut to release the post from the expandable polyurethane core.  A new post can then be quickly re-fitted.


  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel Post.
  • Polished finish.
  • 1.6mm post wall thickness.
  • 1 x M20 Chemical Anchor to concrete slab.
  • 9 Kg fully assembled
  • Part Number: 25-70-00
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