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Bollards Supplied Throughout Perth and Western Australia

Types of Bollards

Access Technologies carry a full range of Permanent, Removable and Retractable Bollards. We manufacture and supply our bollards throughout Perth and Western Australia. Our full range of sizes and heights can be powder coated to suit your individual application.

Surface Mount Bollards

Surface mount fixed bollards are used in applications where the floor cannot be penetrated by core drilling or cutting, and the bollard does not need to be removed after installation. Our range of bollards come in a variety of sizes and heights to suit your application.

In-Ground Bollards

In-Ground fixed bollards are used in applications where there is a requirement for higher strength and impact resistance for the bollard installation. These are the strongest form of bollard and can be used for protection against ram-raids and general asset protection. In addition, they are best suited to applications where there is no existing concrete slab or footing to attach a surface mount bollard to. Inground bollards can be either core drilled or concreted in position. Ideal to protect corners of buildings or gate posts from vehicle impact.

Removable Bollards

In-ground removable bollards are intended for installations where the bollard must be removable to permit access for authorised vehicles, but where a higher level of impact resistance is required than can be provided by a surface mount bollard. The removable portion of the bollard is secured to the in-ground canister via a padlock (padlock not included). When the bollard is removed a flap covers the in-ground hole.

Manual Retractable Bollard

Manual Retractable Bollards are intended for applications where the bollard must be removed to allow access to authorised vehicles, but where storage options for the removed post are limited. The bollard retracts within an in-ground canister, and mounts flush with the road surface when in the retracted state. This product is easy to use and easy to service with a convenient pad-lockable operation (Padlock not included).

    All Bollards Feature:
    • Reflective band for night-time visibility.
    • Fully Zinc Plated for superior corrosion protection.
    • Powdercoat to customer order.
    • Optional chain eyes available.



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