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Cable Gate-Perth

Cable Gate Security Gate

A complete breakthrough in security gate technology.

cablegate opens within 1 second

A thick stainless steel cable securely locked between two steel posts positioned either side of an entry ensures that Cable Gate provides an effective physical barrier against unauthorised vehicle access.

cable gate has convenient remote control operation

With the convenience of automatic control, Cable Gate provides authorised access from within the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

cablegate-strong, secure

Once the gate is remotely activated, a motor housed inside the master post drives down a latch, releasing the cable to lie flat on the ground. After a vehicle has passed through, the cable is automatically drawn back up and locked again inside the post to re-secure the entry.

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Cable Gate Brochure Downloads

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Cable Gate Page 1 Cable Gate Page 1 (237 KB)

Cable Gate Page 2 Cable Gate Page 2 (162 KB)

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