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Access Technologies supplies and installs a wide range of Convex Safety Mirrors and Dome Mirrors throughout Perth and regional Western Australia.  We supply and install the following mirror styles:
  • Outdoor convex mirrors
  • Indoor convex mirrors
  • Dome mirrors - Quarter dome, half dome, and full dome types
  • Driveway mirrors
  • Blind spot mirrors
  • Security mirrors
  • Stock control mirrors
There are many different types, styles, and sizes of convex mirror - and for this reason we recommend that you speak with an experienced consultant before purchasing to ensure that your mirror installation performs its intended function.

Outdoor Convex Mirrors

Outdoor convex mirrors are used to enhance visibility and improve safety.  Our designs are manufactured from impact resistant polycarbonate, and are available in sizes ranging from 450mm diameter to 1000mm diameter.

These mirrors are often used as blind spot mirrors to enhance visibility around tight corners in car parks.  Acrylic and Polycarbonate materials are used to prevent impact damage from small stones and projectiles that might be thrown up by vehicle tyres or lawn mowers.

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Indoor Convex Mirrors

Indoor convex mirrors are used to improve visibility of pedestrian traffic in offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants - or any situation where visibility is limited. 

Our indoor convex mirror are available in sizes ranging from 300mm diameter to 700mm diameter, with the preferred size being determined by the mounting height and preferred field of vision.  All designs are manufactures from wither Acrylic or Polycarbonate materials to ensure adequate resistance to minor impacts.

Dome Mirrors

Dome mirrors provide an economical alternative to convex mirrors where surveillance of a wide area is required.

Full dome mirrors are generally ceiling mounted on pedestrian or vehicular intersections, and provide a full 360 degree view.  These mirrors may also be mounted on chains as required to obtain the correct field of vision.

Half dome mirrors provide a 180 degree view, and are generlly used on an ocscured or blind T-intersection.

Quarter dome or corner dome mirrors provide a 90-degree view, and are mounted in the corner of a room to provide visibility down each leg of an L-shaped corridor.

All of our dome mirror designs are manufactured from impact resistant acrylic materials, and can be self-installed as required. While not generally recommended for outdoor use, they are UV stabilised - and will provide many years of service without cracking or crazing.

The list of potential applications for dome mirrors includes:

  • Factories - Preventing pedestrian contact with carts and forklifts.
  • Retail outlets and convenience stores - For stock control and theft deterrence.
  • Supermarkets - To prevent trolley impact
  • Hospitals and medical centres - Preventing trolley impact.
  • Workplace corridors - Preventing pedestrian contact and accidents.

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