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Traffic Control and Safety Products

Access Technologies offers a wide range of traffic control and safety products, including:

Outdoor Convex Mirrors

Used to enhance visibility and improve safety. These mirrors are manufactured from impact resistant polycarbonate, and are supplied in a range of sizes from 450mm to 1000mm.

Indoor Convex Mirrors

Used to enhance visibility of pedestrian traffic in warehouses and offices. Available in a range of sizes from 300mm to 700mm, these unobtrusive designs enhance safety and improve site security.

Wheel Stops

Moulded from either high-hardness rubber or plastic, these resilient wheel stops resist vehicle impact damage while protecting shopfronts, warehouse racking, and other infrastructure from vehicle impact.

Steel Speed Humps

Designed to comply with AS2890.1:2004, steel speed humps are recommended where high traffic flows prevail. These units are designed not to rattle, and have a built-in bridge design to accommodate pipes and cables where required.

Rubber Speed Humps

Manufactured from a mixture of natural and recycled rubber, these speed humps offer a budget solution where traffic flows are not excessive. This modular system can be supplied to any length (with end caps), and offers smooth and silent operation.

Cable Protectors

Protecting pedestrians from trip hazards, cable protectors provide an economical alternative to trenching cables across roadways and walkways.


Traffic Control & Safety Perth

U-Hoops provide and economical solution for the protection of pedestrian areas from vehicular traffic, securing ‘danger areas’ in factories, and generally enhancing perimeter security.

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