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Access Technologies is a leading supplier of speed humps (speed bumps or traffic humps) within Perth and Western Australia. We supply either steel speed humps, or rubber speed humps - depending on the location, traffic volumes, and traffic usage patterns.  We also have models available that are specifically designed for traffic calming - with the aim of reducing speed rather than bringing the vehicle to a complete stop.

Steel Speed Humps

Designed to comply with the Australian Standard AS2890.1:2004, steel speed humps are the product of choice  where high traffic flows are prevalent.  These speed bumps are designed to minimize noise and 'rattle', and have a built-in bridge design to accommodate pipes and cables where this feature is required.  Black and yellow safety striping ensures excellent visibility under all conditions.

Steel speed humps are the preferred choice for industrial premises and commercial car parks, where there are high traffic flows.  These humps are robust in this environment, and come fully zinc plated for many years of trouble free service.

Rubber Speed Humps

Rubber Speed Humps from Access Technologies are manufactured from a mixture of natural and recycled rubber to reduce environmental impact. These speed bumps offer a low cost solution in installation where traffic flows are not excessive.  This is a modular system that can be supplied to any required length, with end caps supplied to suit the required layout. These speed humps offer particularly smooth and silent operation, and are recommended for use around residential apartments and light commercial installations.

Our rubber speed humps can be supplied in any pattern of yellow or black modules, and are UV stabilized to ensure many years of trouble free operation.

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