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With its LNG (liquified natural gas), condensate and crude oil production, Australia makes a substantial contribution to the world’s global oil and gas supply. The country’s modern economy was significantly supported by the oil and gas industry and over the past decade, its gross value continuously increased.

When we talk about Western Australia, it is the country’s leader in production and exploration in the petroleum section. Perth area itself is extremely valuable when it comes to crude oil extraction and together with Carnarvon, it produces thousands of megaliters of it.

There are numerous safety precautions that workers in the drilling and extracting locations must follow. Wearing the proper protection and handling the heavy machinery with care is each worker’s obligation, but since they operate in the highly hazardous areas that contain flammable vapours and gases, accidents are sometimes unavoidable.

Therefore, electricity usage is strictly limited and monitored on sites like these. Any tool, machine and other equipment that can function without an electricity source are absolutely welcome. One example of great and efficient engineering that created an automatic but non-electrical version is a barrier gate for oil and gas areas. 

Specially Designed For Industries Involving Hazardous Processes – Pneumatic Gate

This was a truly necessary access restriction device and its wide usage covers multiple facilities, factories and drilling locations. Since they don’t need electrical power to function, placing them in the humid or areas with combustive liquids and gases is completely safe.

Using the power of the air, the pneumatic boom gate controls both pedestrian and vehicle circulation. If manufactured properly, it ensures an easy and fast flow of trucks, tanks and other vehicles that are authorized to access the site. By the look, it may be similar to any regular electrical gate, but what really makes the difference is a pneumatic cylinder that is an operational core of the gate. Usually placed where the mounting post and gate arm meet, this cylinder rises and brings down the pole with the help of the air pressure.

Whichever control system the oil and gas industry uses, these gates are easily connected and controlled through it. Depending on the manufacturer, they vary in programming options and set-ups.

Power of the Sun Instead of Mains – Solar Gate

Another excellent alternative is a solar boom gate. It operates like any other solar product by simply relying on its panels. Just like the pneumatic version, the solar gate is an efficient pedestrian and vehicle access restriction appliance. It is fully automated and ready for even the busiest drilling camps that require undisturbed and smooth entry to the facilities and sites.

Easily transported and installed to any remote area, solar gate is a great choice for the outdoor area of drilling and mining sites. It obviously requires direct sunlight for functioning, but it comes with a storage battery inside the post that will provide enough power in the shade and on cloudy days. Usually, it is constructed to serve as a portable barrier enabling its users to change the gate position when needed. If using electricity is permitted, these gates come with a mains power option, too. It is equipped with a wireless network access control system, so it doesn’t require any communication trench infrastructure.

Hand-operated Solution for Access Control – Manual Gate

Besides being a low-cost barrier, a manual boom gate is very easy to use and maintain in good condition. It is usually placed in those facility areas that are not often operational and don’t have a constant vehicle or pedestrian flow.

The oldest of them all, the manual gate preserved its good reputation by being easily installed at any site. As the materials used for the manufacturing became lighter and smaller, manual gates didn’t require much strength for lifting and lowering, so the pole can be easily manipulated by anyone. Like any other barrier gate, the choice of the size and other physical characteristics is fully adjusted to its purpose and placement spot.

Turn to Us for A Great Selection of High-quality Oil and Gas Industry Gates

At Access Technologies, we have a solution that will fit any hazardous site. You can learn all about our original products SOLIS , ZoneGuard™ pneumatic and manual gates.

Contact us today and we promise a fast response, as well as adequate suggestions and information. Providing safety to your premises and for everyone who is located there is our company’s mission, and for over 20 years we have been successful in it. Each gate is fully customised by our expert team. Highly-educated and trained engineers, designers and manufacturers are tirelessly working to produce a perfect product that will fit to your specific requests. 

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