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One of the commonly used and most efficient access control tools is a boom gate. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and operational solutions, but its intention stays always the same – to keep your premises secured from unauthorized pedestrian and vehicle access.

You will agree that it’s given role comes with great responsibilities, so it is up to you to make the right choice and pick the most suitable barrier. Depending on the installation site, you have more than one version available. Their primary role is to regulate the entry and exit at the premises in order to maintain uncompromised safety of personnel and avoid any material losses. Also, they can be used to isolate and restrict particular hazardous or confidential areas where unauthorised entry can cause some danger.

Few things are highly recommended to take in consideration when choosing a barrier gate. We will present you with the ones which we, as experienced professionals in the area, find most important. Also, keep in mind that you can contact us anytime for further clarifications and more valuable tips.

The Purpose of The Boom Gate

This is the first thing you need to determine before making a final decision. There are barrier gates specially designed for certain environments. For example, extractive industries alongside pharmaceutical companies usually use gates that operate manually or without the help of electricity, to avoid any potential accidents. On the other hand, if you need a gate to secure your private property, you can use any kind you like.

For whichever reason, you require a barrier gate, we at Access Technologies can supply you with the most adequate one. Our original products include solar SOLIS gate,  pneumatic gate – ZoneGuard™ alongside manual solutions, and others operated on mains.

The Barrier Gate Features You Require

Some gates come with a battery backup which comes handy when there is electricity shortage. Others have sophisticated software which operates independently and without personnel interaction. Your choice needs to be in correspondence with your requirements.

If you have a busy traffic flow at the company’s parking lot, you want a gate that operates fast and automatically. Our original NICE automatic barriers have a 24Vdc gear motor with adjustable speed and anti-crush safety function which enables an easy vehicle flow without delays at the entrance or exit.

In case you need a gate that operates independently of electrical power, there is more than one solution. Solar and pneumatic ones are perfect for this case scenario, and if you don’t have a flow that requires constant operational activity, you can always select the manual one – the one that started it all. The beneficial features of the solar gate are portability, easy installation and battery-backed storage. Of course, the most obvious one is that it is cost-efficient since it uses solely the power of the sun. The pneumatic one is also energetically independent and ready to operate flawlessly 24/7 in the most remote and unreachable places. Our original ZoneGuard™ pneumatic gate has its all-steel components zinc plated for corrosion resistance which makes it suitable for any facility and out-door location.

Think of the Pole Length in Advance

The standard pole length is from 3 to 6 meters and usually, that’s sufficient for most cases. But for the certain sites that include heavy transportation and large vehicles, the length must be adjusted. Therefore, it is important to pick a manufacturer who designs and produces customised gates.

We are the company that matches the description and is ready to fully personalise our original products to your requirements. The standard SOLIS solar gate’s length is 7 meters, while the pneumatic one has a 5.4-metre boom arm. Both of them can be made to suit your needs perfectly, which also applies to our manual and mains powered ones.

Choose the Highest Quality for a Reasonable Price

You don’t want to be too thrifty when it comes to investing in a good access control gate, but you also don’t need to over-pay the production and installation. Therefore, it is important to find the best and most effective solution for the budget you have.

We are a dedicated team of highly skilled designers, engineers and technicians who aim to produce and install the most unique and high-quality gates at a reasonable price. It all starts with your enquiry or a phone call when you give us more information about your particular needs. Once we determine the best solution, you will be presented with a price that stays within your current resources.

Contact us today on +61 8 6305 0511 or write to us via an online form, and we will commit all our energy and creativity to create the most suitable gate for you.

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