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Access control systems combine two essential aspects of your business – security and flexibility. It is important to understand what your company and employees need to be safe and to perform their tasks undisturbed. Only then, you can implement the adequate access control that will serve you from the start without requiring special adaptation. For example, hard-wired local access solution may be the perfect option for a power plant, but it is hard to imagine it in the modern corporation offices where their wi-fi counterparts do a perfect job.

It all comes to calculating how much security you need and how dangerous and demanding are the sites where the system will be installed. It is crucial to know how much electrical power you have available for the system’s daily operations and according to that, make the most appropriate choice. In the next lines, we will focus on gate access solutions that are among the most important safety features on any business premise. We will help you learn more about their traits and possibly contribute deciding which one meets your requirements the best.

Choose Access Control That Will Not Affect Your Safety

Depending on where your industry fits according to Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification, you would have certain legal obligations when it comes to general safety. That applies, particularly to mining, manufacturing and construction industries.

One of the best ways to restrict unauthorized vehicle and pedestrian access is by installing a boom gate. Their role is to secure these hazardous sites and their particular sections by providing a physical barrier and a clear sign of restriction. Besides the manual boom gate which is operated by hand, the innovative technology developed in our favour and presented us with automatic non-electrical boom gate versions. These are especially appreciated and often seen at oil and gas sites, various chemical manufacturing companies, building construction sites, and other similar areas with a high risk of fires. 

Pneumatic and Solar Boom Gates for Hazardous Areas

On these sites, electrical power is restricted or very limited, so the access control systems need to operate on alternative sources. One of the best examples of how we can wisely use the power of nature is the invention and wide usage of pneumatic boom gates. Using solely the power of the air, it can operate at any remote location where electricity is non-existent. Ideal for mining and other extractive sites, it can be put deeply underground and fully exposed to moisture, and still operate seamlessly and without any hazard. You can contact us for more information today and learn all about this incredibly fast air-operates boom gate.

The other eco-friendly and hazard-free gate access control solution is a solar boom gate. Like its name clearly states, it operates by absorbing the sunlight. It is often portable which means that is easy to install and move when necessary. It looks similar to any other boom gate, but its essential part is well-hidden in the central box. Its role is to store the excessive energy which then gives the gate enough power to operate smoothly even on a cloudy or rainy day. Beside the box, this system usually has two panels which collect the sunlight that’s automatically translated to AC (alternating current) with the help of an inverter. Basically, this boom gate operates the same way as any other solar power system. Therefore, it is ideally used for various construction, mining and drilling sites which are usually remote and don’t have a direct electrical power source.

Mains Powered and Cable Gates for Secured Commercial Properties

If you own a company, restaurant, hotel or any other similar business, the best way to keep the parking lot secured is by installing an adequate boom gate. Wherever electrical power is unrestricted, you can choose between a few differently operated barriers. If you have an active vehicle flow on the premises, you want to have a gate that’s fast and reliable. The one that matches the description is a cable gate – a revolutionary system for access control. It opens and closes quickly by using a simple “open” command from the comfort of your vehicle. The main difference between the cable gate and automatic mains powered boom barrier in the direction of the cable or pole movement. The first one includes the cable laying flat on the earth allowing the entrance or exit, while the second solution implies a traditional pole lowering and raising operation.

No matter if you need a standard manual or modern cable gate, we have any variant that suits you the best. We specialised in designing, manufacturing and installing automatic boom gates that are fully customised for our clients’ requirements. Made from the highest-quality materials that promise longevity, durability and vandal-resistance, you can be sure that your premises are completely secured. 

We at Acces Technologies are always ready to hear you out and offer our best and most creative solutions, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or make an enquiry today, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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