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The demand for more parking spaces increases daily. With a clever solution to building the lots vertically to add more space, came a higher vehicle flow. What also increased is the responsibility of parking staff and control equipment to maintain security for a large number of cars.

Parking industries are finding the most efficient ways for successful parking management, but also for keeping the safety on the site uncompromised. When these two aspects are in correspondence, we can say that the parking lot’s functionality is at the highest standards.

Beside parking gates, entry and exit stations, public parking lots usually have a revenue control to calculate the fees of the attendants. Also, having sophisticated software to regulate and control the flow is more than advisable. As you see, parking garage security is far more than simply locking the vehicle door and hoping for the best. There is a lot of work and investment behind it, and we will present you with certain equipment and the way it successfully reduces accidents on sites like these.

Convex Mirror for Outdoor and Indoor Parking Spaces

One of the best ways to eliminate any blind spot at the parking facility is by installing a helpful convex mirror. It has a reflective surface that curves outward and shows clearly the angles which we can’t see naturally. They work perfectly well for inside and outside parking lots and are highly flexible when it comes to size and placement location.

We offer various choices that include customised convex mirrors, so don’t hesitate to contact us today and learn all about our convex mirror offer.

Wheel Stops as The Powerful Accident Prevention

Sometimes just a minor accident that causes almost no physical damage to either you or your vehicle still gets you very frustrating and generates stress. Especially in the large and busy cities where these unpleasant occurrences happen regularly.

An incredible invention that helps prevent those situations is called a wheel stop. It is used widely for indoor and outdoor parking lots and can be made of rubber or even concrete. Usually, it is installed in front of a parking space to prevent vehicles from bumping into each other. Also, it stops drivers just at the right time before hitting a garden bed, post, and other paved surfaces that can cause damage to our vehicles.

In case you are not sure which one suits you the best, give us a call now and we will make sure to provide the right answer fast. We use the most durable and high-quality materials for manufacturing and guarantee prompt delivery and installation.

Speed Humps as a Call for an Adjusted Drive

Often seen at any parking lot, these safety features contribute to regulating and decreasing the driving speed when necessary. In front of the pedestrian crossing or just before the entry or exit point of the parking lot, it is always a good idea to install a speed hump.

Depending on the traffic flow and parking location, they can vary in size and material. Where traffic flow is not too extensive – like small or medium residential and commercial facilities, rubber speed humps are a great solution. On those sites where the activity is much greater, it is recommended to install the humps made of steel.

Our company is a leading supplier of speed humps in Western Australia and we can provide you with any type you require. The rubber speed humps we offer are a mixture of natural and recycled rubber which makes them environmentally friendly. They are very affordable and durable. The other steek-made kind comes with a fully zinc plated surface and safety stripes for better visibility. Contact us now and order yourself this fully customised and highly efficient parking security equipment.

The Essential Parking Control Feature – A Parking Gate

Still one of the greatest safety and access control features on any parking lot is a parking gate which is a boom barrier (boom gate). Depending on location traits, there are various choices. From manual boom gates which are used where the traffic or pedestrian flow is very low, to the automatic ones that include a cable gate, for the busy and fast-running car parks.

Designed and made for control and access restriction when needed to prevent any unauthorized entries, our innovative automatic boom gates operate wirelessly. Allowing the parking attendants to manipulate it with a single command, they significantly reduce delays at the parking entrance and exit points. Beside cable gate, solar and pneumatic boom gate that all represent our trademark, we have other access control systems and equipment that powers up a boom gate itself. Among it, you can find remote controls for automatic gates, RFID key switches and timers, as well as widely used keypads and swipe cards systems for gates.

The experts of Access Technologies have been working tirelessly for more than 20 years to improve the safety and control of your private and commercial premises. We pride in creating customised solutions to fit your needs entirely, so give us a call today and we will provide our usual best service.

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