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When we talk about safety precautions at the hazardous area, each of it has a life-saving potential. From special requirements for the installation and construction process and maintenance to the individual responsibilities that each employee must be aware of at all times, these areas demand conducting of specific routines and protocols each day.

Typical hazardous area industries include LNG plants, chemical plants and refineries, metal processing, pharmaceuticals, paint manufacturers and others. Each of them uses combustible materials for manufacturing or produces them, and therefore, it falls under the category of the hazardous area.

The proven fact is that electric power doesn’t go well with combustible and flammable materials. We mentioned before that while building sites like these, extra considerations needed to be put on installations and their positioning, and the same rule applies for all electrical equipment. If not restricted, all electricity must be substantially limited at hazardous sites, and according to that, adequate barrier gate installation is required. 

Therefore, we will present you with the best possible options for access restriction at given sites and stress-out the important part they take in the security.

How a Barrier Gate Can Help Create a Safer Workplace?

Boom barrier is an old invention that went through significant modifications and improvements. From the manual one (which still is the choice of many) to the automatic boom barrier, there was a long way to pass. Thanks to technological advancements and engineers achievements, we have been rewarded with more than one option to make our specific premises safe.

Hazardous boom barrier can be a computerised gate that works with various control systems. That way, it can check each vehicle or person’s authorisation and act accordingly. Usually equipped with remote control, these barriers can provide as fast and slow vehicle flow as necessary. Having an unauthorised person in the hazardous area can compromise everyone’s safety, so this sophisticated access control structure prevents that. No matter if the barrier is placed at the entrance or exit point, or inside the specific parts of the premise, it operates the same way. What differs is the type of hazardous boom barrier that can answer the demands.

Its wide usage in any area mainly relates to securing private or public parking lots. When it comes to hazardous areas, there is much more that these boom barriers can do. Securing the particular storages that keep flammable liquids and similar materials from unwanted visitors is one of those things. Then, the authorisation process of the employees that require a certain passcode or ID, makes it easier to track and control the staff circulation. The hazardous boom barriers are customised and their proportions can be adjusted accordingly.

Hazardous Area Boom Barriers – Types, Installation and Operating Process

Gates that operate exclusively on mains can be installed at some locations around the hazardous area. It all depends on the characteristics of the site. But, there are certain types that don’t require mains power to function undisturbed.

  • Manual Gate

The manual gate is certainly the cheapest option, but it requires a guard to manipulate it, so it is not really suited for crowdy and fast-flowing locations. Its greatest advantage is that it is easy to install and maintain, so it can serve as a temporary solution. It comes in various sizes, colours, materials and purposes, so it can be installed pretty much anywhere.

  • Solar Gate

Now, the automatic one that operates by using the power of the sun is the solar boom gate. It is usually portable, so its installing process is also very fast and simple, but the trick is in its post and central box. Beside panels that have the essential role in collecting the sunlight and producing a direct current that is later translated to the alternating one, this self-operating unit contains storage batteries. They make the solar barrier fully functional even in the complete shade.

  • Pneumatic Gate

Our third and final suggestion is a pneumatic boom barrier that operates using the power of the air. Ideal for any moist and dark place inside the hazardous area, this mighty pole can operate non-stop. Both solar and pneumatic boom barriers have a fast operation, so you can be sure that there will be no delays at the entry and exit points. Again, the technology was working in our favour, so possibilities for automatic programming and setting of these barriers are limitless.

Original and Reliable Products For Any Industry

For more than 20 years, we have been researching, manufacturing and installing hazardous boom barriers at your premises. Keeping you safe and putting you in control is what we dedicate our time to.

Learn more about our unique SOLIS and ZoneGuard products that found their place and recognition in many industrial areas. Give us a call or contact us via our website, and we promise a fast response and great willingness to meet your requirements.

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