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Hazardous zone is usually defined as an area whose atmosphere contains sufficient quantities of dust, vapours and flammable or explosive gas. These sites require specific safety standards and precautions in order to maintain safety at an adequate level. Apart from multiple regulations that need to be followed on sites like these, one of the safety measures is an appropriate boom gate installation.

Each gate is securing the given area, but some of them have greater responsibility and purpose. When you spot a barrier gate in a remote, deserted looking area or the factory, keep in mind that they have a mission to protect human life. Electricity alone is one of the most serious workplace hazards, so combining it with the flammable gases and liquids may cause explosions and fire which represent a direct threat to people working at the site. 

Still, one of the greatest hazards comes from inadequate storage of chemicals. Initial protection protocol is to label the containers and note the chemical reaction risks, but one of the most important is marking and securing the areas that store dangerous liquids and materials. 

Therefore, designers, engineers and manufacturers came up with few efficient alternative access restricting barriers that don’t require a direct source of electrical power – so-called hazardous area gates. 

What Kinds of Gates Do Hazardous Areas Require?

Manual Gates

The manual gate is the one that was invented first. Since it is hand-operated, it doesn’t require electricity which is usually avoided in the hazardous sites. 

Manual gates come in different sizes, colours and weights, but they are always easy to use and to maintain. Often seen in foundries, plants, mine sites, alongside various factories, manual gate is the ideal solution for sites where traffic flow is not that frequent. For example, quarries and processing plants usually have 2 to 3 shifts and if you have a group of workers entering at the site in the morning and exiting in the afternoon – the manual gate does more than a great job.

But what if you need an automatic version since the vehicle or pedestrian flow at the site is constant? There is more than one solution. For example, pneumatic and solar barrier gates will provide all the benefits of an automatic one without the potential dangers.

Solar Powered Gates

The solar ones have a wide usage by the heavy and extractive industries. Besides the construction sites where they are a regular access control point, they found their place in the mining and drilling sites. Although they are solar-powered, they operate flawlessly even if not exposed to the direct sunlight for a certain period of time. Like other solar products, they are battery-backed which gives them more than enough power to operate easily on a rainy and cloudy day as well. Usually manufactured as portable, they are easy to transport, install and use. Solar panels and the inverter are together producing a low voltage that keeps the gate fully equipped for 24/7 operation. 

Pneumatic Gates

On the other hand, the pneumatic ones can stay and operate in-doors which make them ideal for numerous facilities. From fuel distribution and oxygen storing ones to pharmaceutical and food factories – pneumatic gates do their job exceptionally well. Like manual ones, both of the automatic versions come in different proportions, so they could be placed basically anywhere. Since these gates operate on air relying on a sigle or multiple cylinders, they don’t require much care except moving parts lubrication from time to time. When produced by top manufacturers, these gates’ opening time could come beneath one second. 

What is the Purpose of the Barrier Gate?

Like any other gate, access restriction and control are what these are made for. It prevents unauthorized pedestrian and vehicle access which could compromise everyone’s safety and at the same time, keeps the premises and their capacities fully secured.

The main advantage of the manual, solar and pneumatic gate is their seamless operation that doesn’t include electrical power. These are the products that are bringing safety by being absolutely hazard-free. 

Hazardous Area Boom Gate Professional Installation

We at Access Technologies offer any hazardous area boom gate you need. Give us a call today and we will make sure to find the right choice for you. No matter what industry you are in, these gates are made to keep your premises secured and free from unauthorised access. At all times.

Our team of designers, engineers and technicians work together to create and manufacture a product that will fit your requirements perfectly. Our original SOLIS fully portable solar boom gate permits up to 400 daily operations, and the pneumatic ZoneGuard™ boom gate is corrosion-resistant and ready to operate tirelessly inside any hazardous premise. Contact us today and let us put you in control!

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